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Guide Lines for Living
This Week's quote from
Guide Lines
by K. Bradford Brown

        When you Love
             and I don't,
        you win.

        And I may...

Dr. K. Bradford Brown, deceased now,  is the
Co-founder of the
More To Life Kairos Foundation and More To Life program.  An organization dedicated to overcoming separateness and developing human potential while  enhancing the quality of people's lives.  The Guide Lines are  books of thought provoking quotes  on Relationships, Feelings, Success, Love, Creativity, and Spirituality.

 Inner Peace is the Beginning of World Peace...

Living in Peace, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating world peace one person at a time.  Our belief is that world peace does not begin by solving the differences between nations or political organizations or between groups with strongly held religious or ethnic beliefs.  Rather world peace begins with each individual taking responsibility for their part.  When we can let go of our own resentments, prejudices, fears, intolerances, and anger, we become a link in the chain of world peace. 

Our mission is to promote personal inner peace on a large scale so that we will have a more peaceful world.

We believe inner peace is the beginning of world peace.  We will work individually and in partnership with other non-profit organizations and individuals with similar goals to promote this mission.








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